Friday, September 30, 2011

Laid Off!

Today I was laid off. I hated that job. I danced out the door. They threatened to call me back in a few months when business picks up. I think I'll change my phone number - LOL!
We're expecting more rain all weekend so I hiked up the mountain after work to get as much moss as I could before it's saturated. I needed tree moss, frog moss, haircap and sphagnum to fill Ebay orders. Those all ship with soil so I need to pick them fresh and bag them up right away for shipment. I didn't want them soggy - they weigh a ton when they are wet. Found lots of everything except for the frog moss. That's usually up the mountain farther than I wanted to go. It looked so threatening out there - I expected it to downpour the whole time I was up there.
Ebay is really screwed up tonight. They are double charging everyone's Paypal when they pay for their purchase. I had to sit down and issue credits. Then I noticed that they were double charging me for all the shipping charges. I called them and they now have to review my account and will issue me credits. What a mess! I want to email all my customers and tell them to buy through Ecrater. Nothing like this happens on there!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another Rainy Day!

Another rainy day. Good for the Haircaps, Sheet Moss and Frog Moss. Bad for the cushions. They are swollen little sponges out there. Right now those haircaps are outstanding! I'm going to gather some more later if the rain lets up.
I started listing an assortment of mosses on Ebay as a buy it now listing. It's a great combination of medium and small cushions, haircap, frog, lichens and polished stones. Search "Live Moss Assortment" on Ebay and it should come up. It's great for someone creating 2 or 3 terrariums.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Selling Moss on Ebay

Well, I have not used up all my free listings on Ebay and have to make some decisions here. Bottom line is that if I sell on Ebay and have to pay for the listing, the cost of doing business will be a whole lot more. I don't want to pass that on to my customers so I am asking all my customers to buy from me on Ecrater. I'm listing all my mosses on there at a buy it now price of $5 as opposed to my $6 price. So if you need something fast, and want a buy-it-now sale, that's the best place to go. You save money and so will I. You can pay with Paypal just like on Ebay and, better yet, if you contact me, I can create a custom listing for what you want with combined shipping all set up.

Moss Heaven!

Haven't posted in a long time. I've been selling tons of moss and my evenings are spent packing everything for shipment. Hopefully I will start tonight and continue for a while...

Today I hiked for hours collecting fresh moss for one of my top customers - Summer, a woman from Hawaii. Aloha, Summer! I am so grateful to her for her order. Not just because it was a good order, but because I found "Moss Heaven" while I was collecting. It's a huge area simply covered with the most perfect cushions I have ever seen. And not just cushions up there - Reindeer lichens and fabulous mood (frog) moss too! I had already collected about 200 pieces from other areas so I didn't take too much but it was a great way to finish off my gathering today.
On the way back down to the house, I saw some red on the ground - bright red. I walked over and found the most outrageous red mushrooms I've ever seen. I didn't have my camera but took not of the area and I'm heading back tomorrow for some pictures so look for them tomorrow!