Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Orders and More Order!

So many moss orders this morning! I am pumped!
I will box everything up and get to the post office by lunchtime.
Then I need to get out and hunt more mosses. Unfortunately it just now started to rain. YUCK!
I hear the temps are going to drop like a rock too. Oh! How I hate the winter!
It was a challenge collecting mosses yesterday with all these leaves in the woods. I did manage to find some nice ones. There is a big stand of pines up on the ridge. I think that's where I will head today. I haven't been up there in months. The pines will shield the rain and there won't be leaves around. That will make for an easier time collecting!

Shhhh - The Moss Can Hear You!

Looks like a little ear on the moss - LOL!

Monday, October 24, 2011

British Soldier Lichen

OH! Almost forgot!
I was down at the towship park and right smack in the middle of the horse shoe pit I found a ton of pixie cups and British soldier lichen! Never before had I seen the British soldiers. I gathered a few pieces of both. I'll probably list the pixies but I am keeping the British soldiers for my own terrarium. Times like this, I just don't know what to do.... I hate to clean out an area but at the same time, if someone plays horse shoes, those lichen are going to be demolished. Regardless, I just took a bit and left the rest for now.

Frog Moss!

Today I went hiking up behind the horse pasture. I haven't been up there in a year or so. I started out looking for an old bottle dump that I remembered from years ago and then gave up and just started looking around. I spied some moss on rocks. It was brilliant green so I went over for a closer look. I expected to see sheet moss that was brighter than normal. (Nothing is normal now that Fall weather is here). It wasn't sheet - it was frog moss! Entire boulders just covered with it! I've never seen anything like it before and so wish I had a camera. There were many, many boulders of it - so beautiful! I peeled one of the rocks and packed it up in one of my bags. It wasn't one gigantic piece as I first thought - it's several 5-8 in pieces that fit together like a puzzle. So cool! I listed a package of 3 pieces and they sold right away to a vivarium person. I've listed another package. That will leave a piece for me - I'll probably use it in my paludarium.
Tomorrow I will be grounded for the day - Emily is using the car which leaves me with the monster jeep. My plan is to do yard work and work on my terrariums. No doubt I'll end up hiking again. If I do, I'll be sure to have my camera!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


I had a pair of white candlesticks with cherubs and a pillar. One was a little chippy on the bottom. Not worth much that way. I looked at it and pictured a boston fern in that pillar. Found some great fern moss and made a terrarium. Listed on Ebay - ends 10/21. Check out the listing HERE


Sometimes I find mosses and I envision what I would do with them in a terrarium. Then I hunt the best container.This time I found an antique perfume bottle and HAD to do something with it! Here's what I made! I listed it on Ebay and it ends tonight. So many wonderful people have sent me emails about this piece. It was a joy to create. My Ebay listing is HERE.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Moss Heaven Again

I spent yesterday morning out hiking and collecting mosses. I started up the mountain and decided to go to Moss Heaven. I got a wonderful bag full of cushions and some of the best frog moss I've seen in ages! What a wonderful place I've found! I am careful not to over-collect in that area - it's the right thing to do, plus there's plenty of other areas to collect from.
On my way down the mountain I got a call on my cell that I had to be in Bedford at 11:30. It seems every time I go up there, something comes up. It turned out to be a good trip to town. As I was driving I came up with a brain storm. I am going to start terrarium classes. I think it will be so much fun! I'll do groups of 5 or more. That way even just a small group of friends can participate. I started advertising when I got home. I need to make up some flyers to put in the stores. And business cards.
I also decided to do the Christmas Fair at Mann's Choice. I'll do up as many terrariums as I can. All sizes for all kinds of folks. I can decorate them with pretty bows for gift-giving. I haven't done a fair since my Antique Dealer days. I am pumped!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Things Don't Always Turn Out as Planned!

I boxed up my orders and went to the post office. After that, I grabbed a few things at the grocery store and was about to head for home. That's when it happened....
A call from my daughter saying that she had injured her eye and needed me to take her to the medical center right away. I picked her up from work and made the 45 minute trip to the center. 4 long hours later, I was home. Thankfully, she should be ok. She has special eye drops to use that cost a whopping $97!!! They said if her eye isn't better in 1 week, then she has to go to an eye doctor for surgery. At $97, those drops better work!
I never got to do all the things I planned to do today. But life doesn't always go as planned and there's always tomorrow!
I plan on photographing some shaggy moss that I discovered. I've never seen anything like it and I'm not quite sure of the variety but it's really neat. If the pics turn out good, I'll list it this evening. If not, then I'll photograph outside tomorrow and list tomorrow sometime. These pics turn out so much better in outside light!

Pixies Found!

Success! When I first arrived at my site I was very discouraged. All I saw was oodles of frog moss with reindeer moss throughout. I walked the entire area and saw no pixies. I did gather some reindeer and put them in the car. Then I noticed lots of moss over near a stream so I walked over. It was all frog moss - some amazing mounds! Perfect circles - 1-3 inches across. And all around were pixie cups! Lots of them! Some frogs circles have pixies in there too. I am so pumped! I listed a combo piece - frog moss and cushion with pixie cups on my eileenb714 Ebay account and a piece of frog moss with lots of pixies on my pinchingpennies4now Ebay account. Right now I have to box up some orders for shipment today - I'll be listing some on Etsy later once I'm done. I'll add a great pic I took of a HUGE area of pixies later too!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hunting Pixie Cups

No time today for a hike. Tomorrow my plan is to go hunting pixie cups. With all this rain we've had, they should be easy to spot at my usual lucky spot. I haven't been down there in ages, it seems. Pixie cups shrivel to little white specks when it is dry but when they get wet they swell up so much and are so easy to spot. Below is a picture I found on the internet. Hopefully I will be posting some of my findings tomorrow. and they will be nice and plump like these!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Moss as a Living Mulch in the Garden

I am seeing sheet moss sprouting in some areas of my shade gardens. The mosses are going crazy this year with all the rain. So I decided to try planting some in the area all under my big holly tree. I spent the day scraping and setting it under there. I surrounded it with some rocks and it looks pretty good if I do say so myself. The area under that tree was pretty ugly. Nothing would grow except for an occasional bramble. Not far from that same area is a large swathe of tree moss. It's been spreading like crazy and may eventually find a way to the rocks. I so love "no mow" areas! I may try transplanting some more tree moss to help it along now that I am laid off. I will have more time to watch and water it if needed.
I read about using sheet mosses as a living mulch instead of wood chips and I really like the idea. Wood chips are a real nuisance here - too many bugs and critters get in there and the cats make a mess of it. I'm going to get out there tomorrow and do some planning for next year.

Finally Selling my Moss on Etsy

Today I had 2 orders on Etsy! I am so excited! I added a link on the side of my blog page! 
It was absolutely gorgeous today - nice sunny day after all that nasty rain! I hiked up and gathered lots of medium and small cushion mosses. Tomorrow I plan on doing the same. Life is good!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Life is Good!

Up at 7:30 and it's raining again. UGH!
Today I will organize my "Moss Room" I have to do something with this box collection. The boxes take up half the room! I ship at least 10 boxes per day. I prefer to use recycled boxes. I am the most "green" person I know. Working on all those Green Building construction projects did that :)
I was planning on shipping mosses throughout the winter and now I am faced with the dilemma of how to ship. I prefer to ship everything green. It's so wonderful to open that zip lock bag and smell the earth. I don't think that will be possible, though. Damp moss in sub-zero temps is probably not a good thing. So I will let them dry out and have my buyers spritz to take them out of dormancy.
My sales are really growing. I am so pleased. Now that I am laid off, I will put more into the business and hopefully it will grow. Terrariums make great Christmas gifts and are a fun thing to do to beat the winter boredom.