Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Moss as a Living Mulch in the Garden

I am seeing sheet moss sprouting in some areas of my shade gardens. The mosses are going crazy this year with all the rain. So I decided to try planting some in the area all under my big holly tree. I spent the day scraping and setting it under there. I surrounded it with some rocks and it looks pretty good if I do say so myself. The area under that tree was pretty ugly. Nothing would grow except for an occasional bramble. Not far from that same area is a large swathe of tree moss. It's been spreading like crazy and may eventually find a way to the rocks. I so love "no mow" areas! I may try transplanting some more tree moss to help it along now that I am laid off. I will have more time to watch and water it if needed.
I read about using sheet mosses as a living mulch instead of wood chips and I really like the idea. Wood chips are a real nuisance here - too many bugs and critters get in there and the cats make a mess of it. I'm going to get out there tomorrow and do some planning for next year.

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