Friday, October 7, 2011

Pixies Found!

Success! When I first arrived at my site I was very discouraged. All I saw was oodles of frog moss with reindeer moss throughout. I walked the entire area and saw no pixies. I did gather some reindeer and put them in the car. Then I noticed lots of moss over near a stream so I walked over. It was all frog moss - some amazing mounds! Perfect circles - 1-3 inches across. And all around were pixie cups! Lots of them! Some frogs circles have pixies in there too. I am so pumped! I listed a combo piece - frog moss and cushion with pixie cups on my eileenb714 Ebay account and a piece of frog moss with lots of pixies on my pinchingpennies4now Ebay account. Right now I have to box up some orders for shipment today - I'll be listing some on Etsy later once I'm done. I'll add a great pic I took of a HUGE area of pixies later too!

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