Monday, October 10, 2011

Moss Heaven Again

I spent yesterday morning out hiking and collecting mosses. I started up the mountain and decided to go to Moss Heaven. I got a wonderful bag full of cushions and some of the best frog moss I've seen in ages! What a wonderful place I've found! I am careful not to over-collect in that area - it's the right thing to do, plus there's plenty of other areas to collect from.
On my way down the mountain I got a call on my cell that I had to be in Bedford at 11:30. It seems every time I go up there, something comes up. It turned out to be a good trip to town. As I was driving I came up with a brain storm. I am going to start terrarium classes. I think it will be so much fun! I'll do groups of 5 or more. That way even just a small group of friends can participate. I started advertising when I got home. I need to make up some flyers to put in the stores. And business cards.
I also decided to do the Christmas Fair at Mann's Choice. I'll do up as many terrariums as I can. All sizes for all kinds of folks. I can decorate them with pretty bows for gift-giving. I haven't done a fair since my Antique Dealer days. I am pumped!

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