Sunday, September 18, 2011

Moss Heaven!

Haven't posted in a long time. I've been selling tons of moss and my evenings are spent packing everything for shipment. Hopefully I will start tonight and continue for a while...

Today I hiked for hours collecting fresh moss for one of my top customers - Summer, a woman from Hawaii. Aloha, Summer! I am so grateful to her for her order. Not just because it was a good order, but because I found "Moss Heaven" while I was collecting. It's a huge area simply covered with the most perfect cushions I have ever seen. And not just cushions up there - Reindeer lichens and fabulous mood (frog) moss too! I had already collected about 200 pieces from other areas so I didn't take too much but it was a great way to finish off my gathering today.
On the way back down to the house, I saw some red on the ground - bright red. I walked over and found the most outrageous red mushrooms I've ever seen. I didn't have my camera but took not of the area and I'm heading back tomorrow for some pictures so look for them tomorrow!

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