Friday, September 30, 2011

Laid Off!

Today I was laid off. I hated that job. I danced out the door. They threatened to call me back in a few months when business picks up. I think I'll change my phone number - LOL!
We're expecting more rain all weekend so I hiked up the mountain after work to get as much moss as I could before it's saturated. I needed tree moss, frog moss, haircap and sphagnum to fill Ebay orders. Those all ship with soil so I need to pick them fresh and bag them up right away for shipment. I didn't want them soggy - they weigh a ton when they are wet. Found lots of everything except for the frog moss. That's usually up the mountain farther than I wanted to go. It looked so threatening out there - I expected it to downpour the whole time I was up there.
Ebay is really screwed up tonight. They are double charging everyone's Paypal when they pay for their purchase. I had to sit down and issue credits. Then I noticed that they were double charging me for all the shipping charges. I called them and they now have to review my account and will issue me credits. What a mess! I want to email all my customers and tell them to buy through Ecrater. Nothing like this happens on there!

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