Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Warm Springs!

I've often heard that there are warm springs on the mountain but I've never been able to find them. Well, yesterday I was bound and determined and finally did find one! It isn't hot (which I would love) but it is warm. A whole lot warmer than the spring water we use here in the house! It was a fantastic hike. I saw so many different varieties of plants in the area I hiked through. Ferns unlike those down lower near the house. Lots of wood orchids too. One was just done blooming - how I wish I had seen it in bloom! The mosses were much greener as there were so many streams still flowing in the area. Very lush! I want to head back up there this weekend and do some more exploring. I did see an area that was an old dump. I wondered if there were any old dishes or bottles in there.
I started out hunting for liverworts and ended up coming home with lots of cushions and a few lichens. I had enough to make up a package for a customer so off they went this morning in the mail.
The woods are ever-changing with the weather. You can tell fall is fast approaching. I feel somewhat sad at the thought of cold weather. I don't enjoy my hikes in the snow and ice!

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