Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sphagnum Moss and Dendroid Tree Moss

Here I am, the Great Hiker with a broken foot. NOT GOOD. I am bored, cranky and want to get out and move around. I did just that today although I didn't go far - just a short distance in the woods and around the yard a bit.
I heard the thunder in the distance so I headed back to the woods and dug up some nice sphagnum moss to try on Ebay. I had to get it before the rains got here. That stuff holds water like a sponge. I did spritz it some when I got home and it greened up real nice and gained some weight but not too much. I also decided to get some dendroid moss. That stuff is my favorite! I had to scoop up a good bit of dirt when I took it so it stays in a clump. Again, I spritzed and it has greened up but I don't dare touch it for a bit. That stuff isn't a clump like regular moss. It is all individual little trees. So beautiful! I am so blessed to have a side yard full of it. It's like walking on a big fluffy cushion - total heaven! And it never needs mowed! I hope eventually my entire yard is covered with it!

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