Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pixie Cups!

I am doing better walking on this foot. They gave me a walking cast. Doubt they want me hiking but I did just fine :)
Tonight I hiked along an old logging path and found some wonderful rock moss for a customer of mine. Everything is so green up there now after the rains we had over the weekend. I love it. I was pretty bummed that I could not for the life of me find any liverworts. I'm thinking that once things dry out some they will be easier to see. The woods were so quiet tonight - I didn't see any deer or turkey. They must be up on the mountain.
After the hike, I decided to go to this park in town and look around. There I found a ton of pixie cups! They were really hard to see at first. They are all in among stones and other mosses. I gathered up about 6 pieces and took them home to soak as they were pretty dried up. They all sprang to life and are looking wonderful! I will start to list some on Ebay and Ecrater tomorrow night.

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