Friday, August 5, 2011

My Mossy Musings Blog

I love the woods. I hike nearly every day. I started hiking to get exercise. To explore and see the wildlife that surrounds my home here in this valley. To clear my head. But then one day I started to look down instead of ahead. I discovered a whole new world - The world of mosses and woodland plants.
From there I learned as much as I could about moss, liverworts, hornworts and other woodland plants. I moved some to my shade gardens. It was as if the mosses were drawn to me too - I discovered an area of tree moss that started creeping out of the tree lot into my yard. It is now nearly 1/4 acre in size. I love it. It's like walking on a cushion.
I started to build terrariums for myself and as gifts. I now sell lots of moss to other people. I don't make enough to quit my day job but I love it. They say the Lord gives us gifts and we should use those gifts. My gift was a love of nature and an artistic eye. I have discovered that when you use your gifts, you are the happiest. I want to share my love of nature and moss with everyone who will listen. Thanks for listening.

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