Monday, August 8, 2011

Big Change in the Woods!

Things sure look different now in the woods after all that rain! The ferns have perked up and the mosses are like little sponges, full of water. Everything seems so much more alive! I had a great hike this evening. Found some more of this unusual moss I love. I have tried everywhere to see what it is but haven't been able to find it anywhere. It's awesome! It's like a hi-lo shag carpet. Dark green on the bottom with light green feathers all over. When it's dry the feathers look twisted. It's fabulous! I don't want to take any more as I want it to keep spreading. I had taken a 4 x 4 piece about 3 weeks ago and bagged it up. I keep checking it and it still looks the same. I had figured it was a common moss that looked weird because of the drought but that's not the case. I am going to use the piece in a terrarium. If I see a large amount of it somewhere in the woods, I'll take more and offer it on Ebay. It's such a neat little moss!

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