Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Long Day!!!

Long day today! The office was really slow. It was great to escape and head home to do some things I enjoy. It was a beautiful day out today and a crime to be at work. After work I fed the animals and then headed out to do some yard work. The drought killed all my grass in the back but now tree moss is everywhere. I found some weeds that were among it and pulled them. I'd love to have a whole yard of that stuff!
All along the back edge before the woods begin, is a patchwork of all different kinds of mosses,. There are lichens sprouting up throughout. Reindeer mostly. I am looking for some pixies. Hopefully there will be some. I'm listing lichens tonight on Ebay and getting some ready for Ecrater. I will list those tomorrow evening if I have time.
Well, off to bed for me - the end of a glorious day!

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